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Studies in Interreligious Dialogue
  • Francis, Fratelli Tutti, and Comparative Theology poj©peeters-leuven.be

    The introduction to this thematic issue on Francis, <i>Fratelli Tutti</i>, and Comparative Theology discusses the different ways in which the several articles in this thematic issue use comparative theology in their arguments. It also introduces the 2020 encyclical <i>Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship</i> by Pope Francis. Since both the origins and the themes of this encyclical are strongly influenced by interreligious relationships, the encyclical and its multiple references to Saint Francis of Assisi and his engagement with Muslims seems to be a fruitful point of departure for comparative theological studies such as the contributions to this special issue of <i>Studies in Interreligious Dialogue</i>.

  • Fratelli Tutti - An Interreligious Perspective poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • Fratelli Tutti poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • Exploring the Depths and Boundaries of Fraternity poj©peeters-leuven.be

    This essay offers, from a Muslim theological perspective, a preliminary set of comments and critiques of the papal encyclical <i>Fratelli Tutti</i> intended to further enrich the ongoing interreligious conversation as well as open new ones. Rather than providing a comprehensive treatment, the piece draws attention selectively to those passages with special significance or meaning for Muslim readers. Attention is first paid to some of the indirect, but significant structural issues that the encyclical raises with respect to certain symbolic invocations, like the trope of a division between East and West and the figures of the Grand Imam Ahmad Al-Tayyeb and Mary, mother of Jesus. Conceptions of strangers, neighbors, and native place are also critically explored as well as the practical dimensions, implications, and concerns related to some of the guidance presented, especially as they relate to shared concerns of social justice.

  • Drawing near to God, Drawing near to Others poj©peeters-leuven.be

    This essay offers a comparative theological reading of <i>Fratelli Tutti</i> through an Islamic theology of Friendship/Sainthood, or <i>wal?ya</i>. This exercise in comparative theology prescinds from issues of Islamic-Christian doctrinal debates of the past and focuses on the shared contextual theology of our present: Muslims and Christians together are subjects to the unjust political and economic orders sharply critiqued by Pope Francis; together we must co-resist this structure of oppression and co-create structures of liberation. In short, the Islamic theological anthropology of <i>wal?ya</i> illuminates the theological praxis of 'fraternity and social friendship' discussed in <i>Fratelli Tutti. Wal?ya</i> possesses both political and spiritual aspects and therefore is an apt theology through which to comprehend <i>Fratelli Tutti</i>, which contains both theological and political ramifications for Catholic believers. If neoliberalism (and its intersecting system: neocolonial, racial capitalism) shapes human beings according to a certain theological anthropology (<i>imago oeconomici</i>), then it must be co-resisted through another theological anthropology: <i>wal?ya</i>.

  • What are Comparative Theologians Doing when they are Doing Comparative Theology? poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • The Second Admonition of St. Francis of Assisi in Dialogue with the Four Noble Truths poj©peeters-leuven.be

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