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Journal of Coptic Studies
  • poj©peeters-leuven.be

    The text of a funerary stele, broken and reused in the architecture of the main entrance of the ecclesial complex of the monastery in Bawit, mentions the Persians twice. According to the context, they appear to be responsible for the death of two brothers, whose at least one was a monk. Directly linked here to Middle Egypt, the reference to the Persian Sassanid occupation in the first half of the 7th century (619-629) is rare enough to be emphasized. This historical episode, which seems to have been as violent as it was brief, has left very few tangible traces; after restoring the almost complete text of this curious epitaph, the article aims to explain its presence in such a context and to find parallels.

  • poj©peeters-leuven.be

    Description, edition, French translation and commentary of <i>P.Leod. coll. priv.</i> inv. 138, a Sahidic fragment of paper dated to the 12th/13th cent. probably from Upper Egypt. The text consists of quotations of the New Testament which describe the virtues of Jesus and episodes of his life.

  • Une concordance des psaumes en copte sur ostracon poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • A Coptic Funerary Stela from the North Necropolis at Abydos poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • Rewriting Scriptures as a Homiletic Practice in Late Antique Egypt poj©peeters-leuven.be

    The problems with the category 'apocrypha' for classifying late antique texts have been noted, but the project of finding new terms for analyzing the texts has only begun. I argue that the compositional technique that scholars of Second Temple Judaism have labeled, 'rewritten scripture', is a useful concept for examining texts produced in late antique Egypt. To illustrate the utility of borrowing the concept, I offer a case study on a <i>maymar</i> (homily) attributed to Theophilus of Alexandria concerning the first church ever consecrated, the Church of Mary in Koskam (Greek <i>Koussai</i>, Arabic <i>al-Q??iyyah</i>), Egypt.

  • A Fragment of a Coptic Homily with a Quotation of Romans 9:20-21 (P.Lips. inv. 2982) poj©peeters-leuven.be

    An edition of a fragment of a Coptic homily with a quotation of Romans 9:20-21, written on a codex leaf dated to the 6th-8th cent. CE. The papyrus likely belongs to a large group of unpublished Leipzig papyri from an extensive Fayumic library (perhaps the Library of the Monastery of St. Michael). Its main interest lies in some new variant readings of the text of Romans.

  • poj©peeters-leuven.be

    This article aims to present a new Coptic fragment preserved at the Louvre Museum which contains a story upon the life of John the Baptist. In this account, Herod and Herodias try to seize John who disapproves their behaviour. Two homilies, preserved only in Arabic, contain the same narrative as this Coptic fragment, which in turn could well be the first known witness of a common source for these two homilies.

  • The Nature of Old Coptic I poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • Fragments of Mark and Luke in Sahidic at Duke University (P.Duk. inv. 814) poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • Cataloguing in the Time of Databases poj©peeters-leuven.be

    Review article of Paola Buzi (ed.), <i>Coptic Manuscripts Part 7. The Manuscripts of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz Part 4. Homiletic and Liturgical Manuscripts from the White Monastery. With two Documents from Thebes and two Old-Nubian manuscripts</i> (Verzeichnis der Orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland 21.7), Stuttgart 2014.

  • Reviews poj©peeters-leuven.be

    Book reviews

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