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Le Muséon
  • poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • Two 'New' Greek Fragments of the Ps.-Clementine Recognition poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • poj©peeters-leuven.be

    This article presents a survival in a Coptic martyrdom story. The emphasis is on comparing soldiers with lions. The tertium comparationis is formed by the power and strength of the animals.

  • Prophecies of the Pagans about Christ poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • La tradizione manoscritta della Storia di Martiniano e le sue versioni siriache poj©peeters-leuven.be

    After the publication of its Syriac version, the <i>Life of Martinianus</i> has been considered for years as an example of Byzantine hagiography whose original text has been better preserved in Syriac translation rather than in Greek. This paper aims to verify this hypothesis and to reconstruct the history of the text, by studying the ancient editions of the Greek version and the manuscript tradition. Starting from the comparison between Greek and Syriac, the article also aims to review the general chronology of the <i>Life</i>, that until today had remained unclear in some respects. In the second part of the paper, the author studies the Syriac tradition of the <i>Life</i>, focusing on an unedited 'short version' of the legend, which he considers to be independent from the one mentioned above. This peculiar text, mostly conserved by medieval and modern witnesses, and severely deformed by the manuscript tradition, turns out to keep some ancient textual elements, which bring to date its redaction in the Late Antiquity. Some of the innovations of the 'short version' can indeed be found in the <i>Commentary on the Paradise of Fathers</i> by the Syriac monk Dadisho' Qa?raya (7th century), which conserves quotes from several hagiographical works and represents an interesting case of indirect tradition in the Syriac literature. At the end of the contribution, the author provides a critical edition and an Italian translation of the 'short version', with some ecdotic observations and a <i>stemma codicum</i>.

  • Digital Edition of the Typicon of the Georgian Monastery of the Holy Cross near Jerusalem Preserved at the Bodleian Library poj©peeters-leuven.be

    The present paper aims to present the digital edition of the <i>Typicon of the Georgian monastery of the Holy Cross near Jerusalem</i> (MS. Georg. d. 2) preserved at the Wardrop Collection of the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, and prepared as a digital publication in 2019. The manuscript belongs to the <i>Sabaite Typica</i>, liturgical texts encompassing rules for the celebration of the Divine Liturgies throughout the church year. This book originated in Palestine and was translated from Greek into Georgian, Syriac, and Arabic, and adopted as the basis for monasticism within the Orthodox world. The studies of Georgian versions of the <i>Typicon</i> started at the beginning of the 20th century, but in spite of that, the text of this manuscript was neither published nor described in a global context. Considering this text as a part of historical development of liturgical texts, the present paper gives a detailed description of the manuscript, the text and its contents. Comprising facsimiles aligned against Old Georgian text and its translation into Modern Georgian with critical apparatus, lists of named entities and geographical names mentioned in the manuscript, the digital edition of the <i>Typicon</i> is intended to fill the gap in the studies of this text, as well as to deepen the research possibilities by means of computational technologies.

  • A Tenth-Century Jewish Correction of the Easter Calendar poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • Christian Apologetics with regards to Islam poj©peeters-leuven.be

  • Comptes rendus poj©peeters-leuven.be

    Book reviews

  • poj©peeters-leuven.be

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