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autor: Buchta, R.

tytuł: Orędzie papieża Benedykta XVI na XXIII Światowy Dzień Młodzieży w Sydney (2008) aktualnym wskazaniem dla katechezy wprowadzającej do misji

Studia Pastoralne 4 (2008) 251-267

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słowa kluczowe: Benedykt XVIŚwiatowy Dzień Młodzieżykatechezamisja

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autor: Galek, Cz.

tytuł: Wychowanie religijne dzieci i młodzieży szkolnej na ziemiach polskich przełomu XIX i XX wieku w świetle literatury pięknej i pamiętnikarskiej

Studia Pastoralne 5 (2009) 213-233

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słowa kluczowe: historia duszpasterstwaXIX wiekXX wiekwychowanie w wierze

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The research objective of the article is to show the methods and forms of religious education of school children and students in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the territory of Poland based on fiction and memoir writings. Religious instruction teachers were responsible for teaching religion at schools. Some of them conducted classes in accordance with the teaching methodology; they were able to make students interested in religious matters, and they were treated as authorities and became their students’ spiritual mentors. Others did not contribute much to the religious and moral shaping of young people, due to the lack of teaching skills or appropriate knowledge, or because they treated their duties carelessly. The authorities representing foreign rule in the territory of Poland, by treating religion instrumentally, forced students to various religious practices, which created a negative effect, and turned the students off religion and the Church. Many students were deep believers and practicing Catholics. However, lack of proper educational impact caused some students’ difficulties with faith. Some of them even considered themselves atheists. The source material presented in the article can also be instructive for contemporary teachers of religious education.

autor: Giemza, B.

tytuł: W drodze ku synodowi biskupów o młodzieży

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 13-26

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słowa kluczowe: młodzieżduszpasterstwo

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On the Road to the Synod of Bishops dedicated to Youth
Pope Francis has announced that a synod of bishops dedicated to young people will take place in October 2018. The topic of the synod is” “Young people, faith and discerning of calling”. The article “On the way to the synod of bishops dedicated to young people” indicates the meaning of the proposed subject for the life of the Church. The analysis focuses primarily on the presentation of the Preparatory document announced 13th January 2017 by the Secretariat of synod. This document is to be a kind of a compass setting the further work and preparation for the synod. Some critical remarks have also been made concerning the proposed methodology of the synod proceedings, as well as concerning the Preparatory document.

autor: Kießig, S.

tytuł: Jugendseelsorge in Deutschland: Ein Evergreen mit immer neuen Aspekten

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 109-128

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiwychowanieduszpasterstwo młodzieży

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Youth Ministry in Germany: An Evergreen with ever new aspects
In Germany, the youth ministry is a thematic field that is reflected in various different ways since the time of the Second Vatican Council. This paper responds to these different types of reflections and develops a few pastoral-theological accesses. The German dioceses adopted on the Synod of Würzburg (1971 to 1975) a resolution about aims and assignments of the youth ministry of the Church. In 1991 the German Conference of Bishops publishes leading guidelines for the youth ministry. The aim of both papers of the Church is to lay the foundations of a theory of the youth ministry. This theory should be of good service to the practical pastoral service. Its theological foundations include anthropological (adolescents and young adults are the subject of the youth ministry), ecclesiological (the pastoral service is nourished by the act of being sent, i.e. its mission) and christological (God’s work is directly performed in the lives of young people). This paper reflects about this theology in an exemplary way by discussing three cases: First, it contemplates the service of altar servers in German parishes; second, it treats the theory of the school ministry and, third and finally, it deals with the pastoral activities of a spiritual community.

autor: Kukiełka, S.A.

tytuł: Duszpasterstwo wśród młodzieży w prowincjach Zakonu Braci Mniejszych w Polsce

Studia Pastoralne 14 (2018) 331-345

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słowa kluczowe: duszpasterstwo młodzieżyfranciszkanieewangelizacja

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Youth Ministry in the Provinces of The Order of Friars Minor in Poland
In the five provinces of the Order of Friars Minor in Poland the Franciscan youth ministry is realized in different forms and according to various concepts arising from the historical conditions as well as from reading the signs of our times in the Church. Each of the provinces realizes its own project of pastoral activity among young people. This article presents short characteristics of the Franciscan youth groups gathering mainly young people attending high schools. After presentation of the groups, taking into account the selected conclusions and postulates that appear in the Order’s document of 2002 entitled “Directions of Ministry of Vocations. Come and See” , and referring to The Preparatory Document for the 15th Ordinary General Assembly of Synod of Bishops on “Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment” the most important tasks and challenges these groups are facing have been described.

autor: Lamorski, O.M.

tytuł: Liturgia zakonna pomocą w rozwoju wiary i rozeznania powołania dla młodzieży

Studia Pastoralne 14 (2018) 346-364

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słowa kluczowe: duszpasterstwo młodzieżyliturgiaewangelizacja

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Monastic liturgy as help in growth in faith as descerning one’s vocation for the young
Pope Francis, concerned about the future of the young people has summoned the Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops devoted to the young people that will be held in October 2018. In the Preparatory Document he has invited, among others, the consecrated people to work with him and try to answer the important questions: How to help young people to meet Jesus? How to help them to develop their faith and discern their vocation?
It seems that nuns, friars and monks may support the pastoral activity of the Holy Father by sharing the wealth of their community life. In this thesis, apart from the wealth of charisms and the heritage of the saint founders of religious congregations and orders the liturgical life of monasteries and convents has been especially underlined. New appreciation of the monastic liturgy by the ongoing formation as well as opening the liturgy, usually locked in monastic enclosure, to the young people, is a precious contribution to the evangelization.
Therefore the author of the thesis focuses on silence, praying the Liturgy of Hours, the Holy Mass of the communities, the liturgical books and calendars and the ceremonies that accompany entering particular stages of monastic formation. It all constitutes the wealth, which the consecrated people living in cloisters, following the example of Mary of Bethany, want to present anew to the young people in the evangelic way. They want to do all of that in order for the young people to be able to recognize the God in the beauty of monastic liturgy, to believe in Him more deeply, and to discern where He wants to send them.

autor: Pierskała, R.

tytuł: Celebracja Mszy szkolnej

Studia Pastoralne 5 (2009) 182-197

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słowa kluczowe: teologia pastoralnaliturgiamsza szkolnaduszpasterstwo dzieciduszpasterstwo młodzieży

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Kirche empfiehlt die Zelebration der Eucharistie mit Kinderbeteiligung, besonders an Werktagen, weil sie Kindern mehr geistigen Nutzen in ihrer eucharistischen Formation bringen kann. In unseren Pfarreien wird sie „Schulmesse” genannt, die jede Woche für die Kinder aus der Grundschule gefeiert wird.
Direktorium für Kindermessen legt einen besonderen Wert auf die Vorbereitung der Gebete, Gesänge, Lesungen und Fürbitten. Diese vorangehende Vorbereitung verlangt vom Vorsteher eine Verständigungskunst mit Erwachsenen und Kindern, die besondere Aufgaben in der Eucharistiefeier übernehmen.
In diesem Beitrag werden die pastoralen Adaptations- und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten einzelner Teile der Messfeier mit Kindern an Werktagen präsentiert, in Anlehnung an Direktorium für Kindermessen und Allgemeine Einführung in das Römische Messbuch.
Schulmessen mit einem großen Kinderengagement sind eine ernstzunehmende Chance für die eucharistische Formation, aber sie können keineswegs die einzige Messfeierform für Kinder bleiben, weil Kinder stufenweise in die Sonntagseucharistie mit Erwachsenen eingeführt werden sollen. Aus psychologischen Gründen ist die öftere Zelebration dieser Messfeierform jedoch nicht zu empfehlen. Man kann dadurch leicht den Hauptakzent der Kinderbeteiligung an der Messe auf die Einführung verschieben und die Zelebration der Eucharistie banalisieren.

autor: Polak, M.

tytuł: Pastoralna posługa Kościoła w szkole

Studia Pastoralne 3 (2007) 275-293

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słowa kluczowe: duszpasterstwoduszpasterstwo dzieciduszpasterstwo młodzieżyszkolnictwokatecheza w szkole

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autor: Polok, G.

tytuł: Instytucjonalne formy wsparcia młodzieży pochodzącej z rodzin dysfunkcyjnych na przykładzie działań środowiska Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Katowicach

Studia Pastoralne 11 (2015) 177-196

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słowa kluczowe: DDDUniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicachmłodzież

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Institutional forms of supporting the young from dysfunctional families as carried out at the University of Economics in Katowice
The results of the study show that over 40% of the University of Economics in Katowice (UEKat) students grew up in dysfunctional families, mainly burdened with alcoholism. This leads to personality problems during high school education. To challenge this issue the University offered several supportive actions, e.g.: adaptation day lecture “Efficient studying and dysfunctional family”; sharing a guidance book “Spread your wings”; mandatory classes in addiction prevention “Correction” and daily duty hours of psychologist. Activities of the academic chaplaincy “Zawodzie” complement these actions. The chaplaincy organizes a year-long therapy for students of dysfunctional families and offers them pastoral care. The preventive and supportive solutions dedicated to the students of UEKat seem to be a model scheme for other academic communities.

autor: Stańkowski, B.

tytuł: L’eco della Giornata Mondiale della Gioventù di Cracovia 2016 nelle riviste italiane – prospettiva giovanile

Studia Pastoralne 14 (2018)

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słowa kluczowe: Światowy Dzień Młodzieży

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Echos of the World Youth Day in Krakow 2016 in Italian Press – Perspective of the Young
The article briefly discusses the situation of Italian youth from a sociological perspective. An analysis of the available literature of the subject was used to outline some of the phenomena among the young people seen in the following dimensions: religiousness, work, school, family. The research based on content analysis of selected italian scientific journals was conducted in 2017. The author tries to answer the question about the echoes of World Youth Day Krakow 2016 which can be observed in scientific studies in Italy. Three detailed research questions were proposed.

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