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szukane wyrażenie: komunikacja w katechezie | znaleziono 6 opisów(-y) | strona: 1 spośród: 1

autor: Biela, B.

tytuł: Uwarunkowania psychologiczno-społeczne przepowiadania słowa Bożego

Studia Pastoralne 7 (2011) 100-118

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: komunikacja interpersonalnahomiletykawspólnota wiarywiara osobowa

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God speaks to a man and at the same time speaks to him through the other person. We are, therefore, within the realm of interpersonal relations. Hence while talking about preaching the Word of God one has to pay attention to circumstances and rules of interaction of the preached Word of God on a listener’s reason, will and emotions as major receptors of the content of the church preaching and at the same time as factors of the act of a personal faith. Such a preaching of the Word of God results from its purpose, securing both the personalistic and ecclesiastical character of the preaching. Therefore in the preaching of the Word of God a vital role is performed by a social community. Experience shows that even a solid intellectual and religious formation does not suffice for a proper shaping of the attitude of faith, if one does not have a proper support in an environment of one’s life. Hence the preaching cannot escape sociological conditions and be restricted only to transmitting an orthodox Christian teaching. Preaching the Gospel in the community of the faithful should be supported and intensified by a communal experience of this church community of faith.

autor: Chałupniak, R.

tytuł: Terapeutyczny wymiar katechezy szkolnej

Studia Pastoralne 3 (2007) 143-166

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: katecheza terapeutycznakomunikacja w katechezieinterakcja katechetycznakatechetyka i psychoterapiakatecheta-psychoterapeuta

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Die Katechese in Polen wurde vor 17 Jahren in die Schule verlegt. die Katecheten und Religionspädagogen daran sind interessiert, in diesem Kontext den Glauben zu wecken und zu erziehen. Unter verschiedenen Modellen der Katechese wird heutzutage die Bedeutung der Beziehung zwischen dem Katecheten und dem Schüler, dem Katecheten und der Gruppe, wie die unter den Schülern hervorgehoben. Der Dialog mit Gott kann auf der Erfahrung einer interpersonalen Kommunikation aufgebaut werden. Ein wichtiges Merkmal dieser Katechese ist ihre therapeutische Dimension, die in diesem Artikel beschrieben wurde.

autor: Dziekoński, S.

tytuł: Tajemnica Ducha Świętego w katechezie sakramentu bierzmowania

Studia Pastoralne 4 (2008) 90-104

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: bierzmowanieDuch Świętyinicjacja chrześcijańska

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Preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation is one of the more important issuesof contemporary catechesis. In Poland many interesting programs directly concerning this preparation have been published. These differ between them on the level of substance and methods. Whatever a program is to be accepted, it must be remembered that the central theme of these encounters should be the mystery of the Holy Spirit. This mystery can be fathomed from different sides and in many ways, but always with the use of biblical sources, patristic sources, the teaching of the Church and the rich theological reflectionthatis available. In the context of Confirmation especially important are the issues concerning the presence and action of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the Church and in full Christian initiation; the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit; life in the power of the Holy Spirit in the contemporary world. These issues have been developed in this article, addressed above all to those responsible for the catechesis of those preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Keywords: christian initiation, Confirmation, Holy Spirit

autor: Misiaszek, K.

tytuł: W poszukiwaniu charakteru języka w katechezie

Studia Pastoralne 2 (2006) 95-103

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: katechezakatechetykakatecheza w szkolejęzyk religijny

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Il linguaggio della catechesi diventa oggi una delle questioni principali per comprendere tutto il processo della trasmissione della fede. Se e vero, che ogni persona ha il diritto di sentire il messaggio del Vangelo nella propria lingua e secondo il suo linguaggio, dovrebbe nell'incontro della fede incontrarla per mezzo di un linguaggio semplice, iniziale, comprensibile, primo di tecnicita… Cercando la vera natura dell'linguaggio della catechesi incontriamo soppratutto il simbolo (metafora, parabola, mito…), il linguaggio simbolico, che corrisponde con la natura stessa della religione, molto diverso da quello oggettivo-descrittivo. Questo linguaggio e pero altamente apprezzabile e umanizzante, e presenta in modo reale una critica e contestazione della unilateralita e degli aspetti antiumani della cultura contemporenea. E anche capace di far aprire la porta del mistero, che e una delle mete principali del processo dell'inizziazione cristiana. Esige pero la necessita di conoscere tutte le regole della interpretazione o dell'ermeneutica per far abilitare a leggere i testi bibblici, fonti principali della catechesi e dell'insegnamento della religione cattolica nella scuola.

autor: Stala, J.

tytuł: Internet – Church – communication

Studia Pastoralne 7 (2011) 566-574

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: Internetmass-mediakomunikacja

autor: Tkocz, E.

tytuł: Duch Święty w katechezie młodzieży ponadgimnazjalnej

Studia Pastoralne 4 (2008) 65-76

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: bierzmowanieDuch Świętykatecheza młodzieży ponadgimnazjalnejprogram katechezyzadania katechezywychowanie w wierze

pokaż / ukryj streszczenie (show/hide abstract)

From the point of view of catechising practice since there is the danger of the students’ ignorance of knowledge about the Holy Spirit, His irreplaceable role in leading to a mature faith cannot be neglected. The present study is an attempt to answer the question of what is the role of the Holy Spirit in catechising of secondary school students.
Premises, resulting from catechising’s nature and development conditioning, by which the youth is influenced, indicate the need of permanent catechising about the Holy Spirit as He can be a special help to youth experiencing various emotional states connected with changes of a psycho-physical nature, which affect them at this stage of development.
To basic tasks of of young people during their secondary school catechising include the acquisitionof the ability of giving testimony to the faith. Essential in fulfilling this aim is teaching the truth about the Holy Spirit, not only in factual matters like knowledge about the Holy Spirit, but especially in matters connected with His personal relations with people. Young Christians will be able to give testimony to the faith only if they accept the Holy Spirit as irreplaceable support to human existence both in social and personal dimensions.
Keywords: catechesis of secondary school students, Confirmation, curriculum of catechesis, Holy Spirit, tasks of catechesis, upbringing in faith

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