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szukane wyrażenie: teologia małżeństwa i rodziny | znaleziono 62 opisów(-y) | strona: 6 spośród: 7

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autor: Szymik, J.

tytuł: „Przebudź się serce moje i pomyśl...” Prawda jako fundament życia

Studia Pastoralne 7 (2011) 524-528

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słowa kluczowe: prawdateologia egzystencjalna

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autor: Tarnowski, J.

tytuł: Młodzi wobec tajemnicy cierpienia

Studia Pastoralne 1 (2005) 237-245

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słowa kluczowe: cierpienieduszpasterstwo młodzieżyteologia pastoralna

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autor: Wilk, J.

tytuł: Strategia grzechu według Rdz 4,6-7

Studia Pastoralne 10 (2014) 192-199

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słowa kluczowe: teologia biblijnaKsięga Rodzajugrzech

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This article, analysing the Book of Genesis 4:6-7, describes the process of growth of the human weakness to sin. Earlier, objectionable behaviour prepares the ground for temptation to heavy sin. It is a process that takes on its intensity and strength and which gradually shows the Man the way to evil. Sin, and more precisely the temptation to sin is patient and as in the description of conversation between God and Cain, it stands by the door to person’s heart (will). In attribution of Man is the decision of opening the door (acceptance on evil).
The text Gen 4:6-7 that can be an (later?) attempt to solve this tragic ending of the story about Cain and Abel (Gen 4:1-16), was given to a contextual analysis. Next, there was made a syntactic and semantic study over the formula hatthat rowec, being the example of connecting the grammatical anomaly with an unusual as for the Old Testament terminology. The last part of the article is the discussion the theological and psychological meaning of Gen 4:6-7.

autor: Wojaczek, K.

tytuł: Personalistyczno-relacyjny kontekst duszpasterstwa rodzin – subdyscypliny teologii praktycznej

Studia Pastoralne 5 (2009) 251-259

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słowa kluczowe: teologia pastoralnaduszpasterstwo rodzinrodzinamałżeństwo

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autor: Wojaczek, K.

tytuł: Pastoralne determinanty profilaktyki kryzysu małżeństwa

Studia Pastoralne 11 (2015) 142-152

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słowa kluczowe: małżeństwoduszpasterstwo

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Pastoral determinants of marriage crisis prevention
Title of the article means that the pastoral activity of the Church carries the potential of preventive measures against the crisis of marriage. Actualisation of this potential requires, first of all, adequate definition of marriage crisis as a situation in which the following factors coexist: factors that disrupt marriage, the need for an immediate change in the existing situation and the uncertain outlook for the future of the relationship. A derivative term related to a marriage crisis is the concept of crisis tendencies, which means the occurrence of one or at most two factors creating a marriage crisis. The concept of crisis tendencies is important from the point of view of prevention and pastoral commitment of the Church. This commitment can reverse the said tendency and help the marriage to avoid a crisis. One should point at the three elements of the pastoral commitment of the Church in the marriage crisis prevention. The first is to present spouses a model of marriage as their reciprocal gift of themselves. This model is important because it stems from the fact of their personal being. Secondly, it is necessary to show spouses the so called know how knowledge that are mechanisms of various fields of their married life. Here the Church should take advantage of the achievements of humanities. It is important that the choice of these solutions be integrated into the model. Otherwise instead of marriage prevention one shall face disintegration of marriage. Thirdly, a married couple should be informed each time of from which field a particular content comes from: whether it is the official teaching of the Church or a detailed solution offered by secular science. Synergistic approach is often impossible because of the socio-phenomenological model of the sacred-profane relationship by Durkheim and Eliade. That is why a good knowledge of the Second Vatican Council on the autonomy of the temporal is required.

autor: Wolański, B.

tytuł: Duszpasterstwo rodzin odpowiedzią na czasy kryzysu małżeństwa i rodziny. Doświadczenie diecezji legnickiej

Studia Pastoralne 11 (2015) 67-82

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słowa kluczowe: duszpasterstwo rodzinmałżeństworodzina

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The Ministry of families as a response to the marriage and family crises. The experience of the diocese of Legnica
The observation of present human lives shows clearly that the family crises becomes more and more serious. The number of so called partnerships is rising and the popularity of marriage is decreasing very fast. We may notice a large number of marriage breakdowns. Every family which is lost as a result of the modern changes, exposed to the intrusive behavior of the laic and liberal media, needs strong support from the Church, especially from the Ministry of Families. Finding the appropriate forms of marriage and family care, which are adjusted to the needs of marriage and family, poses a major challenge for the Church. Therefore the Church finds the service for the family as one of the most essential tasks, as the first and, for many reasons, the most important mission and service. The tasks of the Ministry of Families along with the description of taken initiatives in the Diocese of Legnica become the content of this article. There was also taken an attempt to show the function of the Ministry of Families as a response for the marriage and family crises.

autor: Żądło, A.

tytuł: Teologia i duszpasterska funkcja sanktuarium. Zagadnienia wybrane

Studia Pastoralne 14 (2018) 365-392

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słowa kluczowe: liturgiaduszpasterstwo

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Theology and the pastoral function of the Sanctuary. Selected Issues
At the beginning of this article, we stated that the sanctuary is not only a hieron, or temple as such, a temple like many others, but it is naos, or place of God’s special presence, a place specially chosen by him and for this reason exceptional for us. If today we are remembering these elementary matters that should characterize every temple, we do it because we need to draw patterns from the sanctuaries. „While the reform of the Liturgy desired by the Second Vatican Council, can be considered already in progress, the pastoral promotion of the Liturgy constitutes a permanent commitment to draw ever more abundantly from the riches of the Liturgy that vital force which spreads from Christ to the members of his Body which is the Church” (John Paul II, Apostolic Letter Vicesimus quintus annus, No. 10).
We wanted to not only recall the theology of the sanctuary, but also to draw the attention of the readers to the fact that there is still a great work to do in the field of well-understood and organized liturgical pastoral care – especially with regard to sanctuaries. Much in this area – as we have tried to show in the course of this study – is to be done. In this work, however, we count on a model and appealing example of our sanctuaries. If sanctuaries are to play an important role in the life of the Church, they should be properly organized in terms of the personal, local, and liturgical.
Let us wish that they are really organized and that they can radiate to the whole Church through the pilgrims who come to them. Veneration in our shrines must be revived and aroused. In the case of some sanctuaries, the pilgrimages organized for them have already disappeared. And sanctuaries fulfill their function only when they attract pilgrims. Therefore, the conviction that veneration in sanctuaries should be enlivened by organizing pilgrimages to them on various occasions is of particular importance.

autor: Zellma, A.

tytuł: Szkolne nauczanie religii wobec zadania przygotowania młodzieży do konstruktywnego rozwiązywania konfliktów w małżeństwie i rodzinie

Studia Pastoralne 5 (2009) 122-132

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słowa kluczowe: teologia pastoralnamałżeństworodzinakatechezakatecheza młodzieżykonflikt

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Religious education faces various educational tasks at school. The tasks focus on teaching and integral upbringing. They involve further and closer preparation of the youth to married and family life. Conflicts in married and family life and developing appropriate skills seem an essential thematic category for religious education. This article is aimed at finding answers to the following questions: how are the problems related to conflicts in married and family life dealt with in religious education classes at school and how is the task of the preparation of the youth to constructive conflict solving in married and family life carried out. While answering these questions, the religious curriculum at upper secondary school, lower secondary school, and at professional schools are referred to. In order to better understand the issue and to show it in the context of social science, first conflicts in married and family life are presented from a psychological and pedagogical perspective. Next, religious education matters are shown. The analyses carried out here are of theoretical nature only. They are based on religious curriculums at various types of comprehensive, secondary and professional schools.

autor: Żywica, Z.

tytuł: Relacje małżeńskie mężczyzny i niewiasty w świetle tajemnicy Chrystusa i Kościoła (Ef 5,21-33)

Studia Pastoralne 5 (2009) 260-268

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słowa kluczowe: teologia Nowego TestamentumałżeństwoList do Efezjan

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autor: Łuczak, M.

tytuł: Socjologia religii jako ancilla theologiae pastoralis

Studia Pastoralne 1 (2005) 35-44

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słowa kluczowe: socjologia religiiteologia pastoralnasocjologia

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La teología pastoral posee un instrumental autónomo cognoscitivo. Se propone unos fines concretos; propósitos que exigen una búsqueda permanente a su realización. Una de las premisas que sirven para sacar conclusiones ade-cuadas es sociología de religión. Ésta se guía por una metodología autónoma, y los resultados de sus investigaciones pueden ser útiles para los que se ocupan del pastoral.

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