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autor: Szymik, J.

tytuł: „Przebudź się serce moje i pomyśl...” Prawda jako fundament życia

Studia Pastoralne 7 (2011) 524-528

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słowa kluczowe: prawdateologia egzystencjalna

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autor: Słotwińska, H.

tytuł: Duch Święty w Programie nauczania religii

Studia Pastoralne 4 (2008) 105-121

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słowa kluczowe: bierzmowanieDuch Świętykatechezaprogram katechezynauczaniereligia

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The article focuses on the programme for high schools. It consists of four parts. In the first part it draws attention to the existing relation between the knowledge of truths about the Holy Spirit and respect for the sacrament of Confirmation. In the second part – the presence of truths about the Holy Spirit are portrayed. The third part contains discussion of the truths present in the Programme. The theme of the fourth part is the next three truths that should be known by the students who are receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.
Keywords: catechesis, Confirmation, Holy Spirit, programme, religion, teaching

autor: Tarnowski, J.

tytuł: Młodzi wobec tajemnicy cierpienia

Studia Pastoralne 1 (2005) 237-245

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słowa kluczowe: cierpienieduszpasterstwo młodzieżyteologia pastoralna

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autor: Tomasik, P.

tytuł: Lekcja religii – odpowiedzialna praca na rzecz polskiej szkoły i Kościoła

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 74-86

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiwychowanieszkoła

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Lesson of religion – a responsible work for the Polish school and The Church
The article refers to the concept of force in Poland lessons of religion, which is neither catechesis, although the work of catechesis in part, or religious studies lesson, though knowledge about religion provides. It tries to answer the following questions: What are the basic determinants of the concept of school religion classes? What is the concept of school religion classes in Poland? What are the opportunities and threats of this concept of religion classes?

autor: Usai, G.

tytuł: L’IR nell’azione di orientamento della comunità educativa

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 237-241

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiszkoła

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Teaching religion within the framework of school community forming actions

autor: Wierzbicki, M.S.

tytuł: Zadania edukacyjno-pastoralne we współczesnych szkołach katolickich na przykładzie szkolnictwa salezjańskiego

Studia Pastoralne 9 (2013) 101–118

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słowa kluczowe: pedagogika religiipedagogika salezjańskaszkołaszkoła katolicka

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This article talks about an educational and pastoral tasks in Catholic schools on the example of the Salesian education. These tasks are assigned to specific individuals who run schools and form their Catholic character. The school is in fact for all – teachers and students – a community of generations, a great educational family in which every young person meets with respect, regardless of their ability and intellectual capacity. Therefore we analyze the current social situation of young people and education, in order to show that the tasks arising from the ministerial, Church documents and the needs of the environment require continuous evaluation and adaptation to current conditions of national, youth, family and school development.
Keywords: catholic school, religious pedagogy, salesian pedagogy, school

autor: Wierzbicki, M.S.

tytuł: Dimensione religiosa nel processo educativo dell’IRC in Italia

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 242-247

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiireligijność

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Religious dimension of teaching Catholic religion in Italy

autor: Wilk, J.

tytuł: Strategia grzechu według Rdz 4,6-7

Studia Pastoralne 10 (2014) 192-199

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słowa kluczowe: teologia biblijnaKsięga Rodzajugrzech

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This article, analysing the Book of Genesis 4:6-7, describes the process of growth of the human weakness to sin. Earlier, objectionable behaviour prepares the ground for temptation to heavy sin. It is a process that takes on its intensity and strength and which gradually shows the Man the way to evil. Sin, and more precisely the temptation to sin is patient and as in the description of conversation between God and Cain, it stands by the door to person’s heart (will). In attribution of Man is the decision of opening the door (acceptance on evil).
The text Gen 4:6-7 that can be an (later?) attempt to solve this tragic ending of the story about Cain and Abel (Gen 4:1-16), was given to a contextual analysis. Next, there was made a syntactic and semantic study over the formula hatthat rowec, being the example of connecting the grammatical anomaly with an unusual as for the Old Testament terminology. The last part of the article is the discussion the theological and psychological meaning of Gen 4:6-7.

autor: Wojaczek, K.

tytuł: Personalistyczno-relacyjny kontekst duszpasterstwa rodzin – subdyscypliny teologii praktycznej

Studia Pastoralne 5 (2009) 251-259

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słowa kluczowe: teologia pastoralnaduszpasterstwo rodzinrodzinamałżeństwo

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autor: Żądło, A.

tytuł: Teologia i duszpasterska funkcja sanktuarium. Zagadnienia wybrane

Studia Pastoralne 14 (2018) 365-392

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spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: liturgiaduszpasterstwo

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Theology and the pastoral function of the Sanctuary. Selected Issues
At the beginning of this article, we stated that the sanctuary is not only a hieron, or temple as such, a temple like many others, but it is naos, or place of God’s special presence, a place specially chosen by him and for this reason exceptional for us. If today we are remembering these elementary matters that should characterize every temple, we do it because we need to draw patterns from the sanctuaries. „While the reform of the Liturgy desired by the Second Vatican Council, can be considered already in progress, the pastoral promotion of the Liturgy constitutes a permanent commitment to draw ever more abundantly from the riches of the Liturgy that vital force which spreads from Christ to the members of his Body which is the Church” (John Paul II, Apostolic Letter Vicesimus quintus annus, No. 10).
We wanted to not only recall the theology of the sanctuary, but also to draw the attention of the readers to the fact that there is still a great work to do in the field of well-understood and organized liturgical pastoral care – especially with regard to sanctuaries. Much in this area – as we have tried to show in the course of this study – is to be done. In this work, however, we count on a model and appealing example of our sanctuaries. If sanctuaries are to play an important role in the life of the Church, they should be properly organized in terms of the personal, local, and liturgical.
Let us wish that they are really organized and that they can radiate to the whole Church through the pilgrims who come to them. Veneration in our shrines must be revived and aroused. In the case of some sanctuaries, the pilgrimages organized for them have already disappeared. And sanctuaries fulfill their function only when they attract pilgrims. Therefore, the conviction that veneration in sanctuaries should be enlivened by organizing pilgrimages to them on various occasions is of particular importance.

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