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autor: Anglarès, M.

tytuł: L’éducation chrétienne des jeunes en France

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 264-275

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiFrancjamłodzież

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Christian education of youth in France

autor: Chałupniak, R.

tytuł: Pedagogika katolicka – znaczenie i aktualność w kontekście chaosu wartości (perspektywa polska)

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 62-73

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiwychowanie

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Catholic pedagogics – meaning and topicality in the context of the chaos of values (Polish perspective)
Education cannot be reduced to information and should guarantee to the students and their parents the freedom of making axiological decisions and solutions. The above mentioned right is confirmed by the right of parents to raise their children according to their own conceptions. In the contemporary chaos of values and principles of education the Catholic education remains a topical, interesting and important proposal for school.

autor: Dimech, P.

tytuł: Religious education within the maltese school

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 253-254

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiszkołaMalta

autor: Kießig, S.

tytuł: Jugendseelsorge in Deutschland: Ein Evergreen mit immer neuen Aspekten

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 109-128

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiwychowanieduszpasterstwo młodzieży

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Youth Ministry in Germany: An Evergreen with ever new aspects
In Germany, the youth ministry is a thematic field that is reflected in various different ways since the time of the Second Vatican Council. This paper responds to these different types of reflections and develops a few pastoral-theological accesses. The German dioceses adopted on the Synod of Würzburg (1971 to 1975) a resolution about aims and assignments of the youth ministry of the Church. In 1991 the German Conference of Bishops publishes leading guidelines for the youth ministry. The aim of both papers of the Church is to lay the foundations of a theory of the youth ministry. This theory should be of good service to the practical pastoral service. Its theological foundations include anthropological (adolescents and young adults are the subject of the youth ministry), ecclesiological (the pastoral service is nourished by the act of being sent, i.e. its mission) and christological (God’s work is directly performed in the lives of young people). This paper reflects about this theology in an exemplary way by discussing three cases: First, it contemplates the service of altar servers in German parishes; second, it treats the theory of the school ministry and, third and finally, it deals with the pastoral activities of a spiritual community.

autor: Mandarić, B.

tytuł: Religious education in Croatia faces new challenges

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 259-263

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiChorwacja

autor: Misiaszek, K.

tytuł: Co z katechezą parafialną w Kościele w Polsce?

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 87-97

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słowa kluczowe: katecheza parafialnanauczanie religiikatecheza dorosłych

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What about parish catechesis in The Church in Poland
Lack of parish religious education in Poland should be seen as a failure that is now bringing negative consequences. It is already a common belief, even among those who had originally been staunch advocates of the catechesis, that the so called religious education in schools has not brought the expected results. It has not become an effective element or means of development of faith among the younger generation of Poles. If it somehow manages to be successful it is to a negligible extent. Lack of religious education in parishes renders it impossible to fully form an adult, in particular while taking up and bringing into fruition the family catechesis. Furthermore, it goes without saying that young generations cannot be competently educated the Christian way without the input from their families. Understandably, adult catechesis will not become a panacea for the educational accomplishment of adults and children as well as the young people. Nevertheless, the presence of catechesis considerably increases the chances of more effective impact on education of children and young people alike. Only the parish catechesis is able to ensure the creation of the comprehensive and integral program of the development of Christian life.

autor: Muchová, L.

tytuł: Religious education in state schools as accompaniment on the Emmaus road or The Emmaus road as „an open-ended story” of Czech Religion education teachers’ faith?

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 255-258

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiCzechyszkoła

autor: Niesporek, M.

tytuł: Katecheta w środowisku szkoły wobec problemów demonologii

Studia Pastoralne 15 (2019) 211-227

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spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiikatechetaszkolnictwo

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A Religion teacher in a school environment in the face of a demonology issue
The presence of a religion teacher at school becomes a chance to evangelise both students and teachers. They all come from different backgrounds and have vary¬ing experience of God. The article A Religion Teacher in a School Environment in the Face of a Demonology Issue is an attempt to show a religion teacher’s tasks which he can undertake during religious instruction lessons and during informal contacts with other teachers. These tasks are not focused only on spreading the Gospel. But also on making young people aware of spiritual threats connected with wearing satanist symbols and promoting satanism, organizing Halloween, propagating magic. The article proves that the school curriculum for catechism does not underline the threats sufficiently. It contains suggestions of improving the content of the subject in this aspect and also of fuller use of the priest teacher’s presence at school.

autor: Osewska, E.

tytuł: Reflections on religious education and catechesis in catholic schools in England

Studia Pastoralne 8 (2012) 173-183

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słowa kluczowe: katechezanauczanie religii

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The distinctions between catechesis and religious education are recognised in the official Church documents on education, but still are causing problems in Catholic education theory and practice. The author of this article offers some reflections on the research into how far the distinction between catechesis and religious education is has been recognised by the Catholic education theorists with particular reference to the National Project of Catechesis and Religious Education. The immense work of the Project has been to supply current needs of RE teachers, pupils of Catholic schools, parents, catechists. Yet, the present situation requires an ecclesial community which is ready to take the risk of „creating the living language” as a task of the religious education process.

autor: Osewska, E.

tytuł: Nauczanie religii jako towarzyszenie: od powierzchowności do duchowości, do osobistego poznania Boga wcielonego

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 46-61

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słowa kluczowe: młodzieżnauczanie religii

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Teaching religion as accompanying: from superficiality to spirituality to personal acquaintance with God Incarnate
According to the general understanding, accompanying involves first of all being in attendance, being with somebody, sharing the hardships of a journey, joys, but also difficulties, uncertainties, overcoming obstacles on the road together, defining the destination. If Religious Education wants to take on the function of accompanying children and the youth on the road to the contemporary Emmaus, then the fundamental condition is being in attendance and journey together. Therefore, the author of this article reflects upon the idea of the road to Emmaus and the role of school RE as accompanying youth leading from superficiality to spirituality to personal contact with God. Personal acquaintance with God incarnate assumes certain complementarity of God’s initiative and man’s action, cognition, conversion and trust. Thanks to His incarnation God has become audible and visible. Therefore, accompanying the pupil on the road to Emmaus should include both the verbal and visual processes starting from pupil’s inner chaos, his/her questions, problems, difficulties up to the spiritual sphere.

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