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szukane wyrażenie: "szkoła" | znaleziono 7 opisów(-y) | strona: 1 spośród: 1

autor: Dimech, P.

tytuł: Religious education within the maltese school

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 253-254

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiszkołaMalta

autor: Muchová, L.

tytuł: Religious education in state schools as accompaniment on the Emmaus road or The Emmaus road as „an open-ended story” of Czech Religion education teachers’ faith?

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 255-258

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiCzechyszkoła

autor: Osewska, E.

tytuł: Znaczenie szkół katolickich dla formacji katolików w Anglii i Walii

Studia Pastoralne 9 (2013) 119–126

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słowa kluczowe: formacja chrześcijańskapluralizmszkoła katolicka

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In order to present the meaning of Catholic schools in the formation of Catholics in England and Wales, the author explores the social, religious and educational context of the past decades in England and Wales. Due to a high level of migration to the UK, with many ethnic groups coming from Asia, Africa and Latin America, the British society has been affected and transformed profoundly by the variety of cultures, religions, traditions and habits, proper to the migrating communities. This historical migration started a complex process of a global transformation of the society, which made it impossible for institutional religions to maintain their position and role as in the past. The Catholic population in England and Wales nowadays is composed of people of ethnic English descent, people of Irish origins, converts or the descendants of converts from Anglicanism or other Protestant denominations, and lately, Catholics from Catholic countries – mainly Poland. The present composition of the Catholic Church is thus highly diversified, and culturally heterogeneous. Nevertheless, Catholic schools in England and Wales have played an important role in searching for an interpretation of the emerging authentic forms of Christian faith and forming Catholics who are ready to see God’s presence within their experience and continually renew their daily lives in the light of the Gospel.
Keywords: Catholic school, Christian formation, religious and cultural plurality

autor: Tomasik, P.

tytuł: Lekcja religii – odpowiedzialna praca na rzecz polskiej szkoły i Kościoła

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 74-86

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiwychowanieszkoła

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Lesson of religion – a responsible work for the Polish school and The Church
The article refers to the concept of force in Poland lessons of religion, which is neither catechesis, although the work of catechesis in part, or religious studies lesson, though knowledge about religion provides. It tries to answer the following questions: What are the basic determinants of the concept of school religion classes? What is the concept of school religion classes in Poland? What are the opportunities and threats of this concept of religion classes?

autor: Usai, G.

tytuł: L’IR nell’azione di orientamento della comunità educativa

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 237-241

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiszkoła

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Teaching religion within the framework of school community forming actions

autor: Wierzbicki, M.S.

tytuł: Zadania edukacyjno-pastoralne we współczesnych szkołach katolickich na przykładzie szkolnictwa salezjańskiego

Studia Pastoralne 9 (2013) 101–118

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słowa kluczowe: pedagogika religiipedagogika salezjańskaszkołaszkoła katolicka

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This article talks about an educational and pastoral tasks in Catholic schools on the example of the Salesian education. These tasks are assigned to specific individuals who run schools and form their Catholic character. The school is in fact for all – teachers and students – a community of generations, a great educational family in which every young person meets with respect, regardless of their ability and intellectual capacity. Therefore we analyze the current social situation of young people and education, in order to show that the tasks arising from the ministerial, Church documents and the needs of the environment require continuous evaluation and adaptation to current conditions of national, youth, family and school development.
Keywords: catholic school, religious pedagogy, salesian pedagogy, school

autor: Zellma, A.

tytuł: Nauczanie religii w kontekście reformy systemu edukacji

Studia Pastoralne 13 (2017) 98-108

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słowa kluczowe: nauczanie religiiedukacjaszkoła

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Religious education in the context of the reform of the educational system
Current changes in the Polish education system give rise to new challenges as well as to teaching and educational dilemmas. They also affect religious education in schools, necessitating discussions and catechetical analyses. This paper focuses on the need to develop new core curriculum for religious education, as well as new syllabuses, textbooks and teaching aids for religious instruction in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. It indicates the need to specify the stage of school education at which students should be prepared for First Confession and First Holy Communion and for the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is considered important to support teachers of religion in developing competence required to undertake tasks resulting from the reform of the education system. The challenges identified in this way require in-depth and multifaceted reflection and discussion, involvement of competent catechists and religious instructors in solving dilemmas and designing innovative didactic and educational solutions. Teamwork directed towards supporting children and youth in their integral development and education in faith, enhanced with interdisciplinary correlation, can result in bringing forward valuable proposals for religious education in schools.

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