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szukane wyrażenie: Ostrowski, M. | znaleziono 2 opisów(-y) | strona: 1 spośród: 1

autor: Ostrowski, M.

tytuł: Jan Paweł II o świętej przestrzeni pielgrzymowania

Studia Pastoralne 2 (2006) 135-144

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: Jan Paweł IIpielgrzymowanie

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Every pilgrimage is a unique religious act happening in the space between a permanent dwelling place and a sanctuary. The author analyses a letter by John Paul II "On pilgrimage to the places related to the history of redemption" published in the context of the Great Jubilee 2000, as well as several other papal documents in which the theology of space is developed. He also refers to the biblical texts of the Old and New Testament. The Son of God accepted a human body, and this took place in a specific geographical space which was charged by God's very presence. These places are witnesses to the redemptive acts. They are also places where God wishes to bless His people with extraordinary grace. They are sanctuaries, temples consecrated in a ceremonious way, places of apparitions and mira-cles approved by the Church. For centuries men experience a strong desire to "see God's face" in a visible dimension. Guided by faith people discover God's presence in certain places and decide to go on a pilgrimage to experience God's closeness and receive His grace. The ministry should provide support in people's trials to get closer to God during pilgrimages by emphasising signs allowing to discover the presence of the Holy One as well as by an adequate catechesis that provides initiation into appropriate contemplation of symbols.

autor: Ostrowski, M.

tytuł: Rodzina środowiskiem przyjaznym człowiekowi

Studia Pastoralne 5 (2009) 22-34

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: teologia pastoralnamałżeństworodzina

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The author makes an attempt at analysing the family environment, working on assumptions typical for Christian ecology. Man lives not only in a natural environment, but first and foremost in a society, which has a significant influence on him/her. The first environment of upbringing is a family, where man is a witness to a Christian life and in this way his/her religious and moral attitudes are formed. The family protects and takes care of a human life from the moment of conception to natural death. Moreover, the author takes note of caring for all the family members’ health, which is a gift from God. This care, among other things, finds an expression in rest in a family circle.

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