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szukane wyrażenie: Tkocz, E. | znaleziono 2 opisów(-y) | strona: 1 spośród: 1

autor: Tkocz, E.

tytuł: Zasadnicze myśli encykliki Jana Pawła II Ecclesia de Eucharistia w zastosowaniu katechetycznym

Studia Pastoralne 2 (2006) 120-134

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: Jan Paweł IIkatechezakatechetyka

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The article deals with the problem how the main ideas of encyclical Eclessia de Echa-ristia are brought into practice. The subject of cognition are those dogmatic contents in-cluded in encyclical which seem to be essential in catechesis focused on formation of young people eucharistic attitudes and awareness. What should be underlined is that eucharistic system employs both, doctrinal contents transmission and supporting young people in choosing life attitudes coming from those contents. Among dogmatic substances of educational implication those are important which deal with sacrifying, communal and eschatological dimension of Eucharist.They may be very helpful in supporting young man trying to understand the essence of real love and looking for value of his human existence. But one can not forget about the central role of testimony in the process of catechesis. Per-sonal testimony of belief and love to Eucharist was given by John Paul II in his encyclical. To become the real witness of prophetic truths, the catechist should follow the example of John Paul II and stay in personal and lively unity with Eucharistic Christ. It is the only condition when he can fulfil the superior aim of his service and get catechumen not only to the meeting with Jesus but also to unifying and deep intimacy with Him.

autor: Tkocz, E.

tytuł: Duch Święty w katechezie młodzieży ponadgimnazjalnej

Studia Pastoralne 4 (2008) 65-76

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: bierzmowanieDuch Świętykatecheza młodzieży ponadgimnazjalnejprogram katechezyzadania katechezywychowanie w wierze

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From the point of view of catechising practice since there is the danger of the students’ ignorance of knowledge about the Holy Spirit, His irreplaceable role in leading to a mature faith cannot be neglected. The present study is an attempt to answer the question of what is the role of the Holy Spirit in catechising of secondary school students.
Premises, resulting from catechising’s nature and development conditioning, by which the youth is influenced, indicate the need of permanent catechising about the Holy Spirit as He can be a special help to youth experiencing various emotional states connected with changes of a psycho-physical nature, which affect them at this stage of development.
To basic tasks of of young people during their secondary school catechising include the acquisitionof the ability of giving testimony to the faith. Essential in fulfilling this aim is teaching the truth about the Holy Spirit, not only in factual matters like knowledge about the Holy Spirit, but especially in matters connected with His personal relations with people. Young Christians will be able to give testimony to the faith only if they accept the Holy Spirit as irreplaceable support to human existence both in social and personal dimensions.
Keywords: catechesis of secondary school students, Confirmation, curriculum of catechesis, Holy Spirit, tasks of catechesis, upbringing in faith

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znaleziono: 2 opisów(-y)

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