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autor: Bartoszek, A.

tytuł: Komplementarność celibatu kapłańskiego i życia małżeńsko-rodzinnego. Refleksja teologiczna

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 43,2 (2010) 317-332

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słowa kluczowe: małżeństworodzinakapłaństwocelibatmiłośćżycie

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This article tries to find the answer to the question on mutual complementarity of charism of virginity and sacrament of matrimony, provided that charism of virginity is narrowed to clerical celibacy. Presenting, at first place of social context, the approach both to matrimony and clerical celibacy as well, it enabled to notice that at present these two institutions are misunderstood, questioned and non-accepted by many people. That is why it was necessary to remind the basic issues of matrimony which are love and life, and for believers it is a sacrament, and also fundamental meanings of clerical celibacy, namely Christological, ecclesiological and eschatological aspects. Further analyses showed in what way marriage and family life constitutes a base and support for clerical celibacy. It is married couples and families who show, by their lives, the priests – celibates what deep love-agape and responsible care for life are. The last part of the article displays that clerical celibacy has essential influence on spiritual and moral lives of married couples and families, it mainly happens by showing spouses and families the person of Jesus Christ, by deeper understanding of Church community and by reminding of bringing men to eternal life.

autor: Brudek, P., Ciuła, G.

tytuł: Hierarchia wartości a satysfakcja ze związku małżeńskiego u osób w okresie późnej dorosłości

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 46,2 (2013) 371-386

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słowa kluczowe: małżeństwowartościsocjologia

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Value hierarchy and marital satisfaction in late adulthood
The issue of marital satisfaction arouses today great interest of psychologists. The research that has been carried out in this area has related primarily to spouses in early and middle adulthood. But there are still few studies on the determinants of success in the late phase of marital adulthood. Meanwhile, it is the old age that can be the “golden age” of married life. The purpose of this article is therefore to answer the question if there is any relation between the value hierarchy and the marital satisfaction in late adulthood. To achieve this goal, a study was conducted on 120 people (60 couples) aged 60 to 75. The quality of marriage relationship was examined by means of M. Plopa Marriage Questionnaire. Thanks to Scheler’s Scale of Values in adaptation of P. Brzozowski we have been able to characterize the hierarchy of values of the questioned couples. As expected, the system of values remains in a statistically significant relation to marital satisfaction.

autor: Drożdż, A.

tytuł: Dzisiejsze ataki na małżeństwo i rodzinę

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 49,1 (2016) 113-133

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słowa kluczowe: Sobór Watykański IIrodzinamałżeństwomedia

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Contemporary attacks on the institution of marriage and family
One of the features of the anticulture, which may be observed today, are attacks on marriage and family. Their point is to negate the institution of family and possibly destroy it. The article presents main sources of these destructive influences. The content of the first section shows some misleading philosophies of the human being and utopian ideas which are devastating the family. The article discusses philosophical humanistic models. They include justification of the need of a proper formation to responsibility in personal and family life. Philosophical pragmatic models are also presented. Mainly they do not concern the needs of family life and they do not try to hamper directly its development. The second paragraph describes the attacks on family and marriage focusing on deformation and legal manipulation. The content of the third paragraph are the media. They are also able to cause a serious harm to family by showing improper or even distorted vision of life, religion and morality. During the transmission of information it is needed to respect the truth and dignity of a human being. In the fourth paragraph the author presents the assaults on Christian upbringing. They are a part of the antipedagogy. They are also a manifestation of the attacks on Christianity. In Poland the same situation relates to the catholic family and upbringing.

autor: Enichlmayr, J.

tytuł: Antropologia rozwodów i sposoby zapobiegania im

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 19-20 (1986-87) 255-267

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słowa kluczowe: teologia pastoralnarozwódmałżeństwo

autor: Enichlmayr, J.

tytuł: Nowa ewangelizacja katechumenalna małżeństwa i rodziny

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 23-24 (1990-91) 239-246

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słowa kluczowe: teologia pastoralnaewangelizacjamałżeństworodzina

autor: Góralski, W.

tytuł: Przedmiot kanonicznej zgody małżeńskiej

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 34 (2001) 173-183

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słowa kluczowe: prawo kanonicznemałżeństwozgoda małżeńska

autor: Jurczyński, K.

tytuł: Wpływ AIDS na niezdolność konsensualną do zawarcia małżeństwa kanonicznego na podstawie kanonu 1095

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 45,2 (2012) 382-399

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słowa kluczowe: prawo kanonicznemałżeństwoAIDS

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The Impact of AIDS on Consensual Incapacity to enter into Canonical Marriage pursuant to can. 1095
Twentieth and 21st century civilisation poses increasingly new problems which have to be faced by human beings and which may have a considerable impact on conscious, voluntary and full expression and implementation of obligations ensuing from marital consent.
This paper describes AIDS from a medical standpoint and its impact on ability to assume the essential obligations of marriage and, in consequence, matrimonial consent.
Conclusions which can be drawn on the basis of the gathered material indicate that marriage can be invalidated only when the disease has progressed so far that it has a destructive impact on the consensus. Thus, only HIV carriers who have developed AIDS, because of the vast array of conditions always accompanying the disease, are incapable of entering into a valid marriage.

autor: Juroszek, W.

tytuł: Rodzice w roli teściów w świetle teorii zadań rozwojowych Roberta Havighursta

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 49,1 (2016) 169-182

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słowa kluczowe: rodziceHavighurst, Robertmałżeństwo

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Parents as Parents-in-Law in the Light of the Developmental Task Theory of Robert Havighurst
In the article the author analyses relations between parents and adult children in the light of the developmental task theory of Robert Havighurst. Parents of a child who founded his or her own family have a developmental task – to establish a good relation with the child and his or her spouse. Success in this field assures satisfaction, whereas lack of the success brings the contrary – frustration or even depression. The sources of this task are as follows: physical changes, cultural expectations (pressure), and values, individual aspirations.
It is emphasized that today wedding is the only ceremony changing the status of young people. The author specifies the difficulties experienced by the parents to fulfil the role of the parents-in-law. Some proposals to overcome these difficulties are presented. The author underlines, however, that the process may be difficult, especially in the Western culture characterized by egocentrism, the young generation’s lack of gratitude towards the ageing parents and low fertility rates of Europeans.

autor: Kurpiers, D.

tytuł: Legitymizacja dzieci nieślubnych. Praktyki z parafii Groszowice na Górnym Śląsku, obejmującej tereny wyznaniowo mieszane (1819–1870). Mikroanaliza

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 51,2 (2018) 435-463

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słowa kluczowe: historia Kościoła na ŚląskuXIX wiekdzieckomałżeństwo

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Legitimization of Illegitimate Children. Practices from the Parish of Groszowice in Upper Silesia, Including Mixed Denominational Areas (1819–1870). Microanalysis
The deficiencies in the official statistics do not mean that it is impossible to determine data on the legitimization of illegitimate children in the19th century Silesia. The recognition of a child was recorded in the church records. As a case study the parish of Groszowice was selected. It was one of the parishes of the archpresbyterate of Opole. The Catholic parish of Groszowice included Grotowice – a village founded in the so-called period of the Frederician colonization, and the majority of its inhabitants were Protestants (members of the Evangelical parish in Opole).
This text focuses primarily on the problem of establishment of a legal relationship between an illegitimate child and his/her biological father. The years 1819-1870 were chosen as a time-frame. Phyton was used for carrying out the analysis (aggregative method, elements of family reconstruction). With the exception of Grotowice, the total of the illegitimate births corresponded to the percentage distribution of the number of inhabitants of particular villages in the total population of the parish. Out of 221 illegitimate children only 30 were legalized or adopt. All adopted children were born in the Protestant Grotowice. It has been possible to establish some single mother families, where this model was present through a few generations. The number of cases when the status of a child was legally altered, was surprisingly low.

autor: Leszczyński, G.

tytuł: Pojęcie "bonum coniugum" w prawie małżeńskim Kościoła

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 36,1 (2003) 101-115

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słowa kluczowe: prawo kanonicznedobro małżonkówmałżeństwo

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L'accento posto dal Concilio Vaticano II sui valori personalistici dell'unione coniugale si ritrova poi nell'indicazione delle finalita del matrimonio. Abbandonata la gerarchia dei fini presente nel Vecchio Codice e la conseguente posizione primaria attribuita alla generazione della prole, il matrimonio viene adesso inteso come orientato ai due fini diversi: al bene degli stessi coniugi (bonum coniugum) e alla procreazione ed educazione della prole. Nel presente studio abbiamo cercato, con gli accenti storici, di presentale la vecchia e l'attuale dottrina canonica in tema del bonum coniugum come uno dei due fini fondamentali del matrimonio.

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