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szukane wyrażenie: "migracja" | znaleziono 3 opisów(-y) | strona: 1 spośród: 1

autor: Balwierz, M.

tytuł: Aspekt misyjny teologicznego wymiaru ruchów migracyjnych

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 14 (1981) 205-218

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: misjologiamisjemigracja

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The Church in Europe realizes her duty of evangelization with help of immigrants, who perform this activity in different ways. The most important of them are the pastoral, ecumenical and missionary activities. Knowing this truth, the Church since the Fourth Lateran Council (1215) has taken care of immigrants in various ways. At present, people who look for work dominate in the group of European immigrants. It is obvious from ecclesiastical teaching about the value of human work, that the care of the whole human person is the first concern of Church's approach to the phenomenon of immigration. The whole Church realizes this care in two more practical ways. The first of them is the defense of personal rights and human dignity of immigrants. The second duty is her pastoral care regarding religious life of those people. Both of them tend towards neutralization of the danger of disintegration in the immigrant's life. The principle of priority of human spirit before material realm of man has dominated this very practical approach of the Church to the phenomenon of immigration. The same doctrinal• principle is typical for the evangelizing activity of the Church among and by immigrants in the modern Europe. Paying attention to the various problems of immigrant's life, the Church has first of all established some proper pastoral institutions for those people. Some of those institutions do not only take cure of their souls, but also help them to solve all other particular problems of their life. A special attention is paid here to the children of immigrants. The welfare work of the Church is also very important here. The Church has started also to celebrate a "Day of Immigrant" every year, in order to increase her apostolic work in and by the immigrant's world. Those and other projects can bring immigrants as well as their families to Jesus Christ, and therefore they are ways of realization of Church's mission. A further verification of such a conclusion brings forward the papal theology of immigration. The phenomenon of immigration is seen by popes Pius XII, Paul VI and John Paul II as a reality strictly connected to the Mystery of Incarnation of God's Son. It is also connected to the Mystery of God's Revelation and the Mystery of Man taken in his religious experience. Four theological thoughts, namely: about God the Father of all the people, about the unifying task of the Holy Spirit, about the Church existing as an evangelized-evangelizing reality, and about the whole Church as being a missionary reality, have dominated this particular teaching of the Church. This reflection leads to the conclusion, according to which it is possible to say, that local Churches realize an integral part of their duty to build the universal Church and to evangelize the world by their proper work among immigrants.

autor: Kłakus, M.

tytuł: Udział duszpasterzy z Górnego Śląska w życiu religijnym polskich emigrantów we Francji w okresie międzywojennym

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 47,2 (2014) 316-345

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słowa kluczowe: historia KościołaFrancjahistoria duszpasterstwamigracjaGórny Śląsk

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La participation des prêtres de Haute-Silésie dans la vie religieuse des immigrés polonais en France entre les deux guerres
After 1919 Polish Episcopate made efforts to establish the Polish Catholic Mission in Paris. In these initiatives the Primate of Poland was supported by bishops Arkadiusz Lisiecki and Stanisław Adamski. The arranging of pastoral care needed both cooperation and agreement between Episcopate in Poland and France, between the rector of the Polish Catholic Mission in Paris and managers of plants as well as with Polish labourers. One of the problems were an insufficient number of Polish priests to supply pastoral care for Polish workers. In the article daily life of Polish workers and conditions of pastoral work of Silesian priests were presented. The fruits of pastoral service in the interwar period is evidenced by descendants of Polish emigrants who still live in France and care for Polish traditions and customs.

autor: Ślebarska, K.

tytuł: Problem bezrobocia w obliczu masowej emigracji zarobkowej

Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne 42,1 (2009) 147-156

pełny tekst artykułu      spis treści rocznika

słowa kluczowe: Katolicka Nauka Społecznabezrobociemigracja

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The article undertakes two critical topics that occurs currently in our country, namely unemployment and occupational emigration. Unemployment is a great sociological and psychological problem that has existed in Poland since 1990, and has become one of the crucial issues that needs effective solution. However during last two years the number of people without work has been rapidly decreasing, from about 17 per cent in 2006 to 11 per cent in 2008, the main reason of this variation refers to great occupational emigration, rather than to economical resolution. Moreover, the vision of potential return of temporary occupational emigrants leaves this problem still opened.

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